FINEST intends to provide the postgraduates students with an excellent inter- and transdisciplinary education as resource managers. The courses offered by the FINEST Research School equip them with a vast amount of  knowledge in transfer-related aspects.

FINEST transfer design stresses an important fact: driving forces in the presented research design are dominantly academic. The topic does not particularly serve a specific need of the market. It has its origin in providing a major optimization of waste flows in the industrial circular economy. Consequently, FINEST mostly addresses low to mid technology readiness levels (TRL) and lacks market-pull forces. Facing this initial setting, FINEST suggests a transfer design that optimizes a well-structured research-push situation from its beginning. Common models for the applicability of the FINEST transfer design indicate an elevated uncertainty for the FINEST technologies (see Figure below). In order to provide access to reduced uncertainty levels the design for knowledge transfer plays a decisive role.

FINEST defines two major priorities:
(1) policy appraisal for market shaping and public purpose and
(2) encouraging a knowledge transfer through careers.

After graduation the FINEST PhD’s will potentially get actively involved in transformation processes in relevant industries.