The FINEST PhDs do not only concentrate on their own scientific work, but also receive further education that is aiming at equipping them with additional knowledge, expertise and skills.

The concept of the FINEST Research School will be to offer excellent conditions for postgraduate students in terms of supervision and education, and at the same time to demand the students’ highest commitment to the topic of their research. The students will have the chance to work in a focused manner on their specific research question(s), allowing them to determine the scope of the research largely on their own, but at the same time demanding certain common standards for high-quality research.

FINEST PhD Students

Simone Bertoldi (UFZ)
Isolation and characterization of bacteria capable to degrade microplastics and phthalate plasticizers

Stefanie Clauß (UFZ)
Fungal degradation of synthetic polymers and polymer-related additives

Noelia Fernandez Merayo (UFZ)
Non invasive monitoring and control of microplastic degradation

Sonja Harter (HZDR)
Anchoring Peptides: Development of specific, high affinity polymer-binding peptides

Da’san Jaradat (HZB)

Paranita Singh (HZB)
Structure-based enhancement & purification of identified pet hydrolases

Tim Kurtz (KIT)

Rafael Bischof (KIT)

Anna Magdalena Baecke (HZDR)
Rheological Investigation of Particle Flow

Md. Nazait Hossain (HZDR)
Characterization of plasma-furnace-based processing in the context of waste stream valorization

Ilkay Yildiz (TUBAF)

Deniz Nuray Yildiz (TUBAF)