FINEST Disperse Metals

Based on a highly schematized technological process sequence - e.g. a multi-stage high-temperature conversion - the following synergy effects can be postulated as examples: The controlled pyrolysis of the plastic fraction in the shredder fines can be used to form alternative reducing agents [51], while at the same time increasing the relative metal content in [...]

FINEST Mineral Additives

Goal: Achieve resilient high-quality recycling of waste plastics with simultaneous utilisation of finest mineral additives and immobilisation of all components that are harmful to the environment or humans through process chains, that are optimised for the most relevant additives. By taking the ever-increasing additive content in plastics into account and combining the recycling of minerals [...]

FINEST Microplastics

To achieve the goals of the FINEST MICROPLASTICS sub-project, microorganisms (bacteria, fungi) and microbial enzymes capable of acting on the different kinds of relevant plastics and plasticizers are explored and characterized. Promising enzymes are improved with regards to efficiency and stability in order to meet requirements of real application processes, and the resulting biocatalysts are [...]